Privacy Policy

The Basics

The terms “Us”, “We”, “Our” all refer to The Cotswold IT Guy, the trading name of Adam Engberg and the contractors and agents working on his behalf. “You”, “Your” and other similar terms all refer to the users of our website and services.

The Cotswold IT Guy collects and processes information on our website for a variety of reasons, mostly to measure how visitors use the website, interact with it and to help us promote our services.

As part of our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance, this Privacy Policy states exactly what information we collect about you, how we process this data and how you can exercise your rights under GDPR to access, correct or remove personal data quickly and easily from our systems.

What Information Do We Collect?

If you use our website or services, we may collect and process data such as your name, telephone number, street address, email address, IP address, web browser information, the pages you visit on our site and website referral information provided by your browser.

This data tells us how visitors use our website in an aggregated form. We do not process this data to try to identify users but allow it to tell us “big picture” trends. We also use third party marketing services from companies like Facebook, and the data they generate from our website is visible to them and allows us to fine-tune our marketing activities and measure the effectiveness of them, however the raw, personally identifiable information is not shared with us at any point.

Finally, when you fill in a form on our website we will collect that data and use it in the context that you give us permission to.

Here is how our site collects data:

  • Visitor Tracking: We use analytical services such as Google Analytics to measure basic metrics such as the number of unique visitors, pages visited, time spent on pages and similar information, none of which can be used to identify individual visitors.
    You can see Google’s Privacy Policy here. The same analytics collect geographic information (country) and the information your browser supplies as part of its HTTP requests, for example the resolution of your screen, the type of browser you are using, browser language and the referral URL of the link you followed to find our site. This information is combined to analyse general trends and none of it is processed to identify individual users.
  • Submitted Information: If you contact us using a form on our website, we will store your submitted information for future correspondence. Such information will not be processed (for marketing etc.) unless you give us permission to do so, but we will keep it for up to 36 months for reference in case you contact us again.
  • Newsletter Signups: We use MailChimp to store our email list of people who have said they would like to hear from us in the future be it for blog posts, newsletters, special offers or general marketing purposes. You can see MailChimp’s Privacy Policy here. This data is retained indefinitely, or until you ask to be removed from the list by clicking “Unsubscribe” in the email footer.
  • Customer Data: If you are a customer of ours we will collect, store and process information necessary to providing our services to you both now and in the future. This data can include such things as your billing address, delivery address, email addresses, telephone numbers, details of services provided, serial numbers and license keys of products provided, passwords and user IDs, and other key information as agreed between us.
    The retention period for this data varies; where we are required by law to retain data for a given time we will do so while data necessary for us to manage your account will be kept indefinitely. Sensitive data which pertains only to a specific project, such as passwords and account details, will be deleted once it is no longer needed to deliver the project.If you make any payment to us by credit card over the telephone, this data is processed immediately and deleted.If you make a payment by credit card via our website, your credit card details will be entered directly into the card processor’s system (PayPal or and will never be made known to us.

Who is Collecting This Data?

The Cotswold IT Guy is the trading name of Adam Engberg, 2 Lower Court, Chadlington OX7 3NQ, and he acts as the Data Controller and the Data Processor in the context of GDPR.

How is Data Collected?

Cookies: Cookies are small pieces of data generated by our website and stored on your computer. Cookies are used to provide useful services such as keeping you logged in while you use the site and make to make aspects of the website work in an intelligent manner.

Our website uses cookies to function properly and mostly uses session (temporary) cookies which are deleted automatically by your web browser when you close it.

Persistent cookies which survive between browser sessions are used to keep some session related activities “alive” for longer periods. If, for example you tick the box on a log-in screen asking it to “remember” you, this will be achieved by generating a persistent cookie which keeps your login valid for a number of days.

No cookies on our website are used to generate personally identifiable information about you.

Third Party Cookies and Tracking Pixels: We use the marketing and analytic services of third parties such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Amazon which, through the accounts you may hold with them, can make you identifiable to those services and provide them with data about which pages on our site you have viewed for the purpose of showing you adverts for services you have shown an interest in.

The data they collect is not shared with us in any form that makes you personally identifiable to us.

Some links on our website may be affiliate links which generate third party cookies in order to reward us with a commission if you complete a purchase on the third party website. These links do not provide us with any information about you but the cookies may exist on your device for a period of time, not usually longer than 30 days.

If you would like to know more about how cookies work, you can find more information here.

Web Forms: If you contact us using a form on our website, we will use that data to provide the services / information that you have requested.

Correspondence / Customer Relations: If you use our services or contact us via email, phone, postal mail, another website or a contact form, information will be generated that we keep and process in the future. We will only use the data for the purpose of providing our services, or to contact you for the reasons you have given permission for.

Why Do We Collect and How Will it Be Used?

  • Marketing: From time to time we run marketing campaigns on other services designed to draw traffic to our website. To measure the effectiveness of those campaigns, aggregated visitor tracking information is shared with us by the other website. If you make direct contact with us through email or through a web form on our website or a website that promotes us, we will, with your permission, add you to our marketing email list to offer our services to you in the future.
  • Analytics: We make use of collected data to measure how visitors use our website and interact with it, which pages they visit and how long they spend on the website. This information is aggregated, and we analyse that data to measure how well our website is working and to create more of the content and services our visitors appear to prefer.
  • When you ask us to provide a service or product, we will store all the information we need in electronic form to provide our services professionally and accurately. This includes details of the work carried out, customer information, billing information, information regarding your IT systems, works history and billing history. This information is used internally to keep records of work done and identify and plan work that may need to be carried out in the future. If, as part of our services, you provide us with account details and passwords for other services (for example to access social media APIs while developing a website), these will be retained securely only for as long as we need them or have permission to use them, after which they will be deleted.
  • Profiling: We may analyse our database to identify products or services that a customer may benefit from and then approach those customers with an offer if we have their permission to do so.

Who Will this Data be Shared With?

We will not share any personally identifiable data with any third party unless we are compelled to by a law enforcement agency presenting legal and proper authority to obligate its disclosure.

Where third party cookies and tracking pixels are used they are provided by those third party services and form a part of the third party’s system. Information generated by these systems is collected and processed by the third party and is not made available to us. The third party will not share such information with us in any way that makes you personally identifiable and therefore personally identifiable data will fall under the remit of the third party’s Privacy Policy.

We do not sell, rent or share our customer lists or any identifiable data to any other parties.

Accessing, Amending or Deleting Your Data

You can request a copy of the data we hold about you by writing to If you would like to amend the data we hold about you or have it removed, simply write to the above address and this will be actioned within 7 days.

The request will be verified using the contact information we hold on file as a precaution against unauthorised data requests.

Where we are obliged to keep information by law for a minimum period, we will do so for that purpose only, after which your data will be deleted.

Note: We will not send data to any address that hasn’t been previously verified and, under any circumstances, will we send financial information in response to GDPR requests.


This Privacy Policy was last updated on the 11th May, 2018 and is subject to future updates from time to time.