Computer & IT Support

onsite, remote & managed PC and Apple Mac Support

When you need PC Support, just call 07584 484 169 or click the button below.

Our support services are designed to work around you. Whether you need ad-hoc onsite support as and when it’s needed, remote support for your desktop computer or a managed, proactive support program, we have something for you.


Onsite Support

When you need PC Support, we are just a phone call away. We cover all Windows PCs and laptops, Apple Macs, syncing with tablets and smart phones as well as just about any commercial software you may be running.


Prix Fixe

For some jobs it doesn’t make sense to pay by the hour. Virus removal, hard drive replacements, upgrades and hardware diagnostic scans are jobs best done on our workbench and for these tasks we can quote you a fixed price, including collection and return of your hardware.


❤ iTLC

We call our managed support program ❤ iTLC and it is designed to bring managed IT support to your company on a per computer basis. Support is proactive with both hardware and software servicing done before issues arise, remote support for unexpected problems and site visits to suit your schedule.


Computer Upgrades

For computer may feel like it’s steam driven and needs consigning to landfill, but before you do that, ask us about upgrading your machine. There are a variety of hardware upgrades available which can transform your computer from pedalo to speedboat and make it a joy to use again.

When you need PC Support or want to discuss any of the options above, just call 07584 484 169 or click the button below.

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