The Cotswold IT Guy, otherwise known as Adam, has been fascinated with IT since 1982 when, at the age of 12, he got his hands on a BBC Micro, learned how to program it, pull it apart, reassemble it, break it, fix it and be endlessly fascinated by it.

That BBC Micro turned him into a bit of a nerd and started a lifelong obsession with technology and IT.

The Cotswold IT Guy

I have worked in the IT field professionally since 1988 and have worked on just about everything from 8 bit micros, all generations of PCs, Apple Macs, mini computers, mainframes and everything in-between.  In these (nearly 30) years, I’ve worked for some of the largest IT companies in the world, managing diverse projects for clients large and small.

I’ve been freelancing for ten years and have had the privilege to work for hundreds of small companies and home users, as well as regular work for some larger organisations such as the British Government and several Formula 1 teams.

As The Cotswold IT Guy, I can bring this wealth of experience and knowledge to your business or home to fix problems, organise IT infrastructure, advise on the best technology solutions for your business, upgrade equipment, procure equipment and give tuition on hardware or software.

And, yes, I still own that BBC Micro!