Our PC / Mac Supercharger can dramatically improve the performance of your computer. By replacing your mechanical hard disk with an SSD containing no moving parts, start-up and application load times become lightning-quick, reliability is improved and you extend the life of you computer for up to 5 years.

Suffering with a Slow PC? Let us Supercharge it!

Radically boost the performance of your PC with a little open heart surgery on in The Cotswold IT Guy’s operating theatre workbench.

Depending on your machine (and we will check it’s suitability before doing anything), you could see boot-up times into Windows in 10 seconds, applications such as Word and Excel opening in 2-3 seconds and even heavyweight apps like Photoshop can open in 5 seconds.

The Supercharger is in fact a replacement for your mechanical hard disk. By replacing the disk with a Solid State Device (SSD), we remove the major bottleneck from most PCs. Not only are SSDs much, much quicker, they are also more reliable.

The Supercharger service includes*:

  • Suitability Check on your PC
  • Collect and Return from your home / office
  • Full backup taken of your old hard disk and cloned to SSD
  • If PC allows, old hard disk will be set up as secondary storage
  • Full disk restore and testing

SSD Upgrades are available in disk sizes from 120Gb to 2Tb. We advise that the SSD you order is at least the size of your current hard disk.

*Apple iMac’s can usually be upgraded but because the process takes longer there is a 25%¬†surcharge. MacBook Pro’s require custom kits and have to be priced individually. Please call for details.



…and my word the computer is faster‚Ķ.and so, so quiet! What a revelation!

From "Aaargh" to "Ooh-la-la". Don't bin your old computer, let us Supercharge it instead and save you pounds

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