The PC Supercharger

As computers get older, more and more applications and updates get installed and your once-quick PC gets slower and slower. It isn’t unusual to find machines that can take the best part of ten minutes to power up and get to the point where they can be used. If this is happening to your PC, then you need to Supercharge it!

Computers that have been given the Supercharger treatment feel like brand new machines again. If you have an old, slow, dusty machine that seems fit only for landfill, once Supercharged you’ll find it can be used productively for years to come.

What is the PC Supercharger?

At the heart of your PC are components common to every computer; a processor, RAM memory, a graphics card and a hard disk drive. The pace of development means that over the years all of these components, with the exception of the hard disk, have become much, much faster.

The hard disk has always been a performance bottleneck – all the other components frequently sit idle while waiting for it to catch up and it is this that causes your computer to feel so slow.

When we Supercharge your laptop or desktop PC, we replace this hard drive with a new generation of storage device called an SSD (Solid State Drive). Unlike the hard disk in your PC, it has no moving parts and as such it is orders of magnitude quicker. The rest of the machine no longer has to stutter along waiting for data because the SSD delivers it almost instantaneously.

Supercharger SSD Pricing

The Supercharger is a replacement for your hard disk and therefore you should choose the SSD size below that corresponds most closely to your existing hard drive. If you aren’t sure how to do this, just call us and we will talk you through it.

120Gb Supercharger SSD: was £145 Special Offer: £115
250Gb Supercharger SSD: was £169 Special Offer: £139
500Gb Supercharger SSD: was £229 Special Offer: £199
1 TB Supercharger SSD: was £379 Special Offer: £349

See for yourself!

We tested an eight year old laptop firstly with the Supercharger SSD installed, and then again with a normal hard drive. See the result below…

Special Offer

Special Offer: Order Now and Save £30!

Single PC upgrades need to be done back at base (the disk cloning process takes a few hours and you don’t want to pay for me to sit there staring into space) and for a limited time we will collect your PC or laptop, perform the upgrade and return it to you, free of charge*.

Upgrades can be performed onsite but extra labour charges may apply unless performing several upgrades. Please call to discuss and get a quote.

We will also include all the sundry brackets and cables required for fitting, again free of charge, for a limited time only.

Call 07933 721 295 and book your Supercharger today!

*Free collect and return only in the Cotswolds area